Mangools Review

Mangools is an SEO tool which brings but the typical and a few unique approaches to keyword research. In researching for this project, we got to dive deep into Mangools and find their approach pretty cool. In a nuthshell, Mangools offers brings robust keyword research, backlink research, rank monitoring, and competitor website traffic analysis tools.

In the post, we’ll review the Mangools software platform as well as the features which we really like and those that are lacking.

Mangools Overview

  • Features: Organic search competitive analysis, backlink research, and probably the best keyword discovery tool we know of
  • Interface: Simple, easy to use
  • Customer Support: Good, email/phone/chat
  • Pricing: Free trial, $29/month

How Mangools Works

Mangools is a great all around SEO software package with link research, keyword research, and ranking tracking tools. What we’ll focus on in the review is the strengths of their keyword research and ideation features which sets them apart from SEMrush, SpyFu, and some of the other top competitor research tools.

Here’s what we see in Mangool:

  • Competitor Backlink Analysis (LinkMiner): Similar to other SEO software, the ability to find competitor links and go find links is all there. What we really like though with Mangools is the ability to preview the link target in the same window (iframe) so that you don’t have to click out of the research tool to check the link context. Huge time saver!
  • Robust Keyword Research:With Mangool, they did something which we think is really cool with their keyword research tool. First, you get the typical keyword volume, CPC, etc. metrics. With the click of a button though, you can toggle to “questions” which takes your keyword and finds all related questions. With another click, “autocomplete” gives you information on the most popular related autocomplete terms. We think that the combination of question and autocomplete data makes it really easy to canvass ideas for your content. So simple, yet so powerful.
  • SiteProfiler: This is Mangools traffic estimator tool. As with similar tools in SEMrush and SpyFu, the accuracy we always question but it gives you some idea.

Don’t take our word for it. You can use Mangools free here for a while before having to pay. Worth a try even if you’re a verteran SEO who has “used everything”.

I hope I answered all your questions about Mangools in this review. But please, if you do still have some questions, leave a message and I’ll do my best to help you.

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